love will tear us apart.

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I miss you so much that it hurts to breath sometimes

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You know what sucks being average , I mean at everything looks, school , work just everything I just wish I was amazing at something or beautiful but I’m not

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Life is beautiful, notice itIG: itvnv


Life is beautiful, notice it

IG: itvnv

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What I don’t understand is you constantly treated me like shit, used me and only needed me when it was convient for you , it’s not like you’ve attempted to hang out or talk about what happened instead you come
Up to me when I’m out and try to say
Your sorry but in reality are
You truly sorry ? And to be honest every time you do it I’m speechless because you say one thing and do another , for instance you say you hate someone but you are “bestfriends ” with them. I just don’t think I could ever trust someone who does that and or forgive someone, ren though I don’t want to fight I just literally am at a lost of
Words so for that I do apologize, I just dont want anymore drama being started

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