love will tear us apart.

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I look at all the time we’ve wasted you and I the time we fought, the time we were apart and think why why all of a sudden did you choose to text me ? Why did you choose to ask me why I like you ? Is it for some reason that we are meant to be together ? If that’s the case then why now when I’ve found someone i potentially like and I think you know that but yet instead of fighting for me you go back to ignoring me and pushing me away and I don’t get it

— 1 hour ago
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When I use to be sad or think that life was never going to change , my father always told me that your life will go faster than a blink of an eye. Now that I’m older I go to school , do my projects and papers and meetings and work and what not and I see how fast ever minuet, hour , week and day and think where did the time go ? I know im only 22 and people say I’m young but I feel like my life is passing me by and that there’s never enough time to be with the people we love or really appreciate because were always so busy

— 2 hours ago
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I’m so happy yet so sad and I don’t know how that can be ?

— 2 hours ago